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|Christmas Sweater| Bowtie

|Christmas Sweater| Bowtie

||"Christmas Sweater" Wooden Bowtie||

This listing is for one CreatedInCali Bowtie.

Why is that important? Because...
Our Bowties are unique, stylish, classy, and we are sure that there aren't any like them elsewhere. 

This BowTie is Made from your choice of either Maple, Walnut or Cherry wood. All three options are in the listing photos.
Simple and clean acrylic accents add color and character to each design.

Unlike pretty much every bowtie you've seen, we have designed the "Knot" of our tie, to add a 3 dimensional feel to the overall piece. It seems like a small detail but we believe that small details are everything. 

There is an adjustable strap to make sure the tie fits just how you need it to. 

Each tie is thoughtfully designed and assembled, for a perfect blend of elegance, and durability. 
We even added in a secret ingredient that makes anyone who sees you wearing this tie, quite jealous.

I personally wear bowties often, so I wanted to create something unique that I'd be proud to show off, and something that would outshine any other accessory in the room.

I'm sure you'll look great in a regular bowtie ... so just imagine how you'll look wearing a work of art. 


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